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Drum Festival

AYANAGALU Festival also known as the Drum Festival is being hosted by His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, The King of Ife.

It’s in celebration of AyanAgalu the Patron Deity of Drumming, inspired by Olodumare she was the first to invent the talking drum as a means of communication.
Ayan was known as the Orisa of Drum and good Music originated from Atiba in Ile-Ife.
Drums to the Yoruba people and Africans, in general, are an essential aspect of our culture.


These drums include; Adade, Bata, Sekere, Sakara, Gangan, Agahu, Dundun, and Djembe amongst others. These drums in Africa are used for religious worship, as a means of communication to the Kings, at festivals, etc. Because of these, it is obligatory to celebrate Ayan as tradition demands. Also, appealing the same to affect every drum with spiritual forces. AYAN AGALU is what the Africans call the patron deity of drumming while it is regarded as the Ana by the Cubans

Drums inherent importance of communication which the community appreciates. Every sound produced by the drum is a form of art and beauty among the people. Ayan is popularly described as the drumming spirit. Anywhere the drum is sound, it will be appropriate to assume that the Orisa of Drum and Music Ayan is around.

The indigenous African religion has its bearing on the culture and the community of its people. The religious belief of the people gives importance to the spirit and unifies the ancestors’ relationship with divinity. This is significantly identified in their religion and their relationship with the spirit which are usually regarded as gods and goddesses. These further explain that the relationship between humans and ancestors or the higher God continues. Every sound from drums is significant and speaks Ayan’s language.  This provokes the usefulness of the drum in songs, prayers, religious poetry, announcement, praise for leaders and ancestors, greetings, and even jokes.

Music to the West Africans is permeating and its usefulness cannot be underestimated. Looking through the uses of music in the world, it is an essential therapy for humans and also has purposes that are quite significant.

To the traditional African, music is life itself right from birth to adulthood. Music is sung for children and this is done to expose them to the influence of music. An infant could be under the influence of music when it is used to lure them to sleep or make them stop crying. Mothers are saddled with this responsibility with the act of good music. Music sung for infants is done with a few dance steps providing the visibility of its rhythm. Such infants grow with this knowledge of music and would not hesitate to do so in this pattern with various dance steps as admonished.

This learning was not formally done as it were today. They were by observing, imitating, and listening. This helps a child to find his\her niche in culture. Children are believed to be the progenitors of culture and they are saddled with the responsibility of being part of what makes the culture and traditions. Singing, dancing, and drumming are learned with every meaning attached to them to make everyone a participative member of society.


Queen Aderonke Ademiluyi-Ogunwusi
Ayanagalu Festival Ambassador

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